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Lindner Logistics, a Milwaukee, WI based logistics company

Lindner Logistics has a great and succesful history in warehousing and transportation, dating back as far as 1923. This success story begins with a man named August Lindner who started with one truck, working 18 hours a day, 5 days a week (keeping Saturdays and Sundays open for maintenance) delivering from Piggly Wiggly's warehouse to stores in Beloit, WI and Rockford, IL. 

The next year, August approached Lambrecht Creamery, a large Milwaukee producer of dairy products. Lambrecht agreed to August's proposal on one condition, August would have to purchase a full fleet and handle all of their inner city runs. It was too much work for one man, but too enticing of an offer to refuse.

So August and John Lindner joined together as partners in the trucking business. They borrowed money from their relatives and purchased their fleet, and began hauling butter from independent creameries around Wisconsin to Lambrecht's Milwaukee warehouse.

In 1928, August and John Lindner were incorporated as Lindner Brothers Trucking, Inc. Sixteen-hour days and seven-day weeks paid off as business expanded.

In 1930, the Lindner brothers purchased a Milwaukee meat hauler, Advance Transportation Company. Advance was incorporated as a separate company in 1923.

Until 1930 the firm hauled mainly perishables. Refrigeration was crude by today's standards - brine barrels in the four corners of the truck. Later, brine was pumped through aluminum coils attached to the roof, the Lindner's own invention.

"Piggy Back", a new development of transportation in the 60's, was pioneered by Advance and other Milwaukee area trucking firms after WWII. When passengers business on the Chicago, North Shore and Milwaukee electric railroad started to diminish, the railroad and truckers formed a piggyback operation, hauling railroad trailers on railroad flatcars between Milwaukee and Chicago.

As the trucking industry expanded though the 30's, the need grew to assure shippers of a healthy, competitive motor carrier industry. State and local governments began regulating the industry. Lindner Brothers Trucking, Inc. became a contract carrier to whoever the shipper wished them to be sent. It created dedicated runs everyday. Advance Transportation Co. became a common carrier, hauling general freight for any shipper over the prescribed routes in a defined territory; which today is called an LTL carrier.

Advance Transportation grew to more than 5,000 pieces of equipment and served more than 15 Midwestern states with 42 terminals.

As Lindner Brothers Trucking grew more into "Dedicated Transportation", the need was soon realized for a storage and distribution facility. In 1977, the Lindners built Lindner Bros. Warehouse at 6055 S. 6th St. in Milwaukee, WI. (Now Lindner Logistics main facility and offices). This modern 116,000 square foot building was run as a separate company, and was basically built as a distribution center for P&G and Louis Allis Motor. As time went on, with connections in the trucking industry, Lindner Brothers Warehouse grew.

In 1995, after years of struggling after government de- regulation took affect, the Lindner's merged with another truck-line ANR Freight Systems. This in turn created the name ANR Advance Transportation. The merger was kept separate from Lindner Brothers Trucking and Lindner Brothers Warehouse.

ANR Advance ended up in a labor dispute with the union and the employees, and in December 1998 the tragic end of a long distinguished truck line

 As the warehousing industry evolved into a more hands on "Value Added" service business, the third generation owners Scott and Gregg Lindner decided to start a new company. The name of the company was Lindner Logistics, LLC. Lindner Logistics was a non-union 3rd party logistics company (3PL). With the industry changing and becoming more competitive Lindner Brothers Warehouse was closed and the remaining business was transferred to Lindner Logistics.

The legacy of our founding fathers lives on with Lindner Logistics. Third generation ownership and management going strong with new and innovative cutting edge ideas, continuing August and John Lindners original dream of excellence in transportation and distribution services.