Freezer Storage

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Seamless Freezer Storage and Delivery from Start to Finish

Lindner can help move your business forward by supplying inventory management solutions for freezer warehousing that ensures the safety and deliverability of your products. 

freezer storage from Lindner Logistics

Here's why you can rely on Lindner:

Up-To-Date Freezer Warehousing

At Lindner, we offer carefully monitored climate control warehouses, including frozen environments, which fall under 28 degrees. For the protection and safety of your products, we assist in dividing your products with extreme care to make sure they are stored in their specified temperature ranges.

Invested In Technology

Lindner accommodates cold chain logistics by bridging the gap between manufacturing and delivery to the retailer. We’ve invested in the technology WORCS (Warehouse Operations Real-Time Control System), which gives our customers transparency when it comes to the status of their inventory and deliveries. Our process is so seamless, you won’t feel like you’re going through a third party.

Qualified By Prestigious Certifications

Lindner is certified by both the FDA, and is ISO 9001-2015 certified. This means we have demonstrated the ability to provide products and services that meet customer requirements and aims to enhance customer satisfaction through effective system applications.