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Effective inventory management hinges on your ability to know exactly what’s in stock, what’s been ordered, and what’s speeding toward your customers— not once a day, or once an hour, but RIGHT NOW. Lindner understands the importance of real-time data, and the critical role technology plays in delivering it, and that’s why we’ve developed a proprietary Warehouse Operations Real Time Control System (WORCS).

WORCS delivers:

Seamless online ordering—In the “old days” you had to fax or email us an order, which our staff then re-entered into our system. This system was cumbersome at best and always had the potential for errors or delays. Now, you can tap into our system, instantly review your inventory and place orders that are immediately relayed to the next step in the supply chain—be it the forklift operator who will use the onboard computer to route his next order pick to your customer. And you can also use our online system to review invoices and receivers whenever it’s convenient for you.

Routed picking - This tool creates a picking map for our drivers that lets them fill their order following the most efficient route possible.

Five-attribute bar coding—Ensure order accuracy and exceptional inventory management, with this highly sophisticated tool. Lets you separate your inventory by up to five attributes such as color, size, lot number, best by date, etc.

Real-time radio frequency bar code system—Updates your inventory the minute it’s touched to ensure data accuracy and prevent ordering errors.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) - Instantly lets our system talk to yours to let you know we’ve received your order. Improves communication and data security.

Time-stamping - Ever wonder how long it takes our team to process your order? This technology ensures you’ll know the answer on every order—and at every step from picking to outbound scanning—and keeps us working to deliver the most efficient processing possible.

Outbound scanning - If you’ve ever stood on a busy dock, you know how easy it can be for the right order to end up on the wrong truck. This system generates a bar code that captures key data like the bill of lading information and the number of pallets included in the order to give us one more opportunity to review all the elements of your order before it leaves our warehouse.

Advance Ship Notice (ASN) - Sends an email to let you know exactly what’s been shipped and when it left our facility.