Food Storage

Food Storage Solutions

Food products require a range of carefully managed conditions to maintain their quality and freshness, making storage a critical part of supplying these vulnerable goods. Food product warehousing solutions combine certifications, ideal food storage conditions with supportive logistics, and inventory management to ensure products are maintained and fulfilled at their best. At Lindner Logistics, we offer a range of specialized food storage and warehousing solutions to meet various needs.


Lindner’s Food Storage Capabilities

Our storage and logistics capabilities offer optimal temperature-controlled conditions for safe, sanitary, and versatile food storage. Across our four facilities, we provide nearly a million square feet of multi-temperature, automated storage space optimized to meet different food-storage needs, including refrigerated, freezer, and dry goods storage. We combine these capabilities with advanced technology that can handle and track products through the entire supply chain accurately and efficiently.

Our food storage solutions include:

Refrigerated Food Storage

With over a century of experience in refrigeration, our cooler food storage capabilities offer automated, traceable, and reliable refrigerated storage to preserve your precious perishables.

Freezer Food Storage

Maintaining proper cold storage is critical to food quality and safety. Our secure, monitored system provides dependable frozen food storage to keep the coldest foods and ingredients at their freshest.

Dry Goods/Ambient Food Storage

Offering over 800,000 square feet of BRC Certified storage for dry food, our facilities provide safe storage for everything from canned goods and pet food to raw ingredients and other non-perishables. Our dry goods storage is optimized for quality control, case picking, inventory management, efficiency, and sanitation.


Benefits of Using Food Storage

Some of the benefits of our food storage solutions include:

Safe, Secure Food Storage

Food storage protects your products from various elements, such as moisture, heat, weather, pests, and other hazards that could damage your goods and compromise their quality.

Consumer Satisfaction by Promptly Meeting Demand

Food products stored in our warehouses can be rapidly supplied to meet high-volume, urgent demand. Our industry-leading technology and proprietary inventory management system enables efficient, automated organization and fulfillment.

Across-the-Board Savings

We provide the space, equipment, and expertise to store and manage food products safely, saving you the expenses of developing your own facility and systems, and hiring and training personnel. Your costs consist of only the space you need and any additional services you choose. At Lindner Logistics, our team has the skills and experience to provide a full suite of warehousing activities.

Reliable Storage with Reduced Waste

With three types of temperature-controlled storage, food products are maintained safely for maximum quality and freshness. Our carefully calibrated and managed storage solutions and commitment to quality assurance, protect food from damage which reduces spoilage and meets the standards for safe food storage and handling.

Value-Added Services

When you choose our food storage solutions, you also gain access to the wide range of value-added services we offer. These can include:

  • Order/case picking and packing
  • Palletizing
  • Real-Time Inventory/warehouse management systems (our proprietary WORCS system)
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Custom labeling 
  • Kitting and light assembly
  • Inspection services
  • Amazon fulfillment
  • Rail loading/unloading


Food Storage Solutions from Lindner Logistics

At Lindner Logistics, our food storage facilities coupled with our deep industry knowledge and experience are an unbeatable combination. Multi-temperature options to meet variable food storage needs are supported by our value-added services to safely and securely provide storage, inventory management, fulfillment, and other services to meet your refrigerated, frozen, and dry food storage requirements. 

For more information about our capabilities, or to get started on your food storage solution, contact us today.